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[ about | the team | Andy Davidson ]
Original Concept & Design
Andy Davidson, as we all know, was the man responsible for coming up with the idea behind Worms in the first place. Needless to say, he's quite a sane man really. But now that Armageddon has finally hit us, is this really 'the end as we know it'
You woke up one morning and opened a can of Worms... our lives were never the same since. What drove you to unleash this chaos on our planet?
Well it was either write a game, or do A-Levels. When you are faced with a choice like that, you know what you've got to do. It also had the side-effect of annoying art-teachers, which I think most people would welcome. The aim with the game itself was to create something that was a laugh to play, something that would last, and something where sheep exploded.
God decided that Worms should roam the soils of the earth and live a peaceful life. Now that the Worms have turned, will they ever retreat to a quiet life in the soil?
Actually you'd be surprised at what goes on below ground level. What do you think causes the little piles of soil in the surface of the lawn? High-explosives of course. Will Worms ever get tired of death and destruction? Possibly, but not until they've taken control of France.
Worms Armageddon is the ultimate in Worms gameplay, the last and final chapter of an amazing saga. But is this really 'the end as we know it'?
With Worms Armageddon, the game has basically gone as far as it can go. There's no point producing a sequel to a game if it doesn't add something worthwhile, or improve the game as a whole. You only end up alienating the fans of the game. Better to leave things on a high.
Gone are the days of programming on your Amiga. What do you get up to these days?
Instead of doing the programming aswell, I can now just concentrate on the game design. As well as the existing Worms games, I've been working on the design of a totally new game. All this is top-secret though!
Now that Moles and Skunks have become allies in the War of Worms, will we ever see the Buffalo join forces? Go on, tell us the truth.
The first public appearance of the Buffalo in a game will of course be a major event, even bigger than an eclipse of the sun in Cornwall. Knowing that, the Buffalo is waiting while he builds his band of followers for that day. So for now the Donkey of Truth goes unchallenged, while the Buffalo of Lies continues to buy cheap electrical goods to tempt people to the Dark Side with.
Did it ever cross your mind that Worms would become a huge success?
Before I showed the game to Team17, I'd already been working on it for a few years so it was hard to imagine what someone seeing it for the first time would think. I was just pleased to get it published, but from the reaction we got from magazines who were shown the early Amiga versions we had an idea it might be big. Getting a cult following behind the game was something I always wanted to happen, and something I still get a kick out of seeing.
What makes this the best Worms game ever?
The whole game is more refined and better presented. The Internet play has more possibilities than ever, and a completely new IRC-style WormNET system. The 1-player game is also much improved with a Training mode, and a more puzzle-based mission game. Custom Levels are back in, and a host of other new things like donor-cards and laser-sights. And don't forget the flame-thrower!
And now for something completely different?
I'm now concentrating totally on the next game. This takes the philosophy behind Worms and introduces it into a whole new game. Watch this space.

[ about | the team ]
Since the release of the original Worms, the game has grown and the number of people who've contributed to the game has also grown. As with all Team17 games, Worms Armageddon was a team effort. We've managed to track down some of the team to ask them what makes this the best Worms game ever. Just click their names to read their interviews.
Producer [ Martyn Brown ]
Assistant Producer Craig Jones
Design John Eggett
Porl Dunstan
Artists [ Jan Ruud ]
Mission Graphics
[ Rico Holmes ]
Additional Graphics
[ Paul Robinson ]
Additional Graphics
Danny Cartwright
Tony Senghore
Programmers [ Colin Surridge ]
Menu System
[ Phil Carlisle ]
Network & Additional Programming
[ Rob Hill ]
DX Interface Implementation/Code Support
[ Martin Randall ]
DX Interface Implementation/Installer
Karl Morton
Sound and Music [ Bjorn Lynne ]
Matinee Studios
Web Design Paul James
Guy Palmer
Quality Assurance [ Paul Field ]
Kelvin Aston
[ Mark Baldwin ]
[ Grant Towell ]
[ Andy Aveyard ]
Brian Fitzpatrick
[ Paul Webb ]
[ Kevin Carthew ]
Localisation Paul Sharp
Original Concept [ Andy Davidson ]

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